Lille Opera


The Lille Opera choir

Director Yves Parmentier

A professional lyric choir in Nord-Pas de Calais since 2003

Created with the reopening of the Opera in 2003, the Lille Opera Choir is directed by Yves Parmentier. Depending on the production, it is composed of 26 to 36 non-permanent professional singers, most of who live in the region. The Lille Opera Choir’s mission is to participate in the opera’s lyric productions (recently Cinderella, The Barber of Seville...) and also give concerts in tours and at the Opera for the Wednesday Concerts at 6 p.m. Recognized by professionals and the press, the quality of the Lille Opera Choir owes much to the talent and experience of Yves Parmentier, who participates in numerous lyric productions and directs several professional choirs.


See the Lille Opera Choir in concert on 9 June 2018, for We know the song!


Beautiful outings

The Lille Opera Choir tours regularly in the Beautiful Outings of the Lille European Metropolitan Area.

Places and dates for the 2018 tour to be published in December.



We know the song!

2017-2018 tour


Slaves and Bohemians

2015-2016 tour


Oh the choirs!

2014-2015 tour


¡Canto Vivo!

2013-2014 tour



2010-2011 tour



2009-2010 tour


German Requiem

2007-2008 tour