Lille Opera


partners orchestras

Since its reopening in 2004, the Lille Opera has initiated several long-term collaborations with recognized ensembles and orchestras that participate in at least one production per season: Le Concert d’Astrée, directed by Emmanuelle Haïm, Ictus, ensemble based in Brussels, the Lille National Orchestra, the Picardie Orchestra and Le Balcon. This multiple, long-term partnership approach has made the Lille Opera one of the rare regional operas able to offer its public the full range of repertoires, from baroque to contemporary. It contributes not only to the quality of shows but also to the continued presence in Lille of orchestras, for which the Lille Opera represents a partner of stature, with a broad reach throughout the region.

Hauts-de-France region
Musical director Alexandre Bloch


Hauts-de-France region
Director Arie Van Beek


Musical director Maxime Pascal


ensembles in residences


Director Emmanuelle Haïm

Instrumental and vocal ensemble dedicated to baroque music and directed by Emmanuelle Haïm, Le Concert d’Astrée is today one of the mainstays of this repertoire in Europe and in the world. In residence at the Lille Opera since 2004, Le Concert d’Astrée gives several stage performances and concerts each season. In parallel, the orchestra and its musicians work to raise musical awareness in the northern territory.


In residence at the Lille Opera, Le Concert d’Astrée receives support from the City of Lille. Le Concert d’Astrée has received support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Regional direction of cultural affairs of Hauts-de-France, in the form of subsidies to a subsidized entity of national and international reach. The Departement du Nord is a partner of Le Concert d’Astrée.


Created in Brussels along with the dance company Rosas, in residence at the Lille Opera since 2003, Ictus over the last 20 years has pioneered a programme that has profoundly marked the world of  contemporary music. The incisive sound of a big band, generally heightened with refined amplification; a physical presence that defies categorisation; programmes that are audacious but without arrogance: the Belgian ensemble acts as an accomplice to the sense and intelligence of the listener, offering unexpected adventures in listening.